Our Story

Hunger in school

Upon graduating college, John Marshall participated in Teach for America at a low-income high school in New Orleans. Many of his students had unpredictable access to food. Each Friday, kids stuffed their backpacks with cafeteria leftovers, not knowing when their next meal would come.

It was obvious that hunger had a profound negative effect on the students’ well-being. Witnessing this inspired John to help address the massive problem of food insecurity.

Sugar overload

Around the same time, John encountered health challenges that affected his day to day life. One outcome was the need to radically shift his diet and pay closer attention to the food he ate.

He loved granola but there was one big problem: most of it was full of added sugar and other nutritionally weak ingredients. Even a small handful would lead to brain fog and a dip in energy.

Initially, he thought these reactions might just be his experience, but he quickly discovered that many people had abandoned granola altogether because of the sugar rush (and subsequent crash).

Baking bros

Unsatisfied with the options on the shelves, John began experimenting with his own recipes. Lucky for him, his brother Peter worked in a bakery for many years and was excited to join in.

After many hours, iterations, and taste tests, John and Peter rolled out three flavors of OT granola: Cherry Almond Vanilla, Oatmeal Raisin, and Peanut Chocolate Chip. All are naturally sweetened with fruit, giving them a depth of flavor and nutritional profile that is unmatched.

A company that cares

OT Foods is the result of hard work, love, and care. We're excited to share our granola with you and have a feeling you'll love every bite.

Building on John's experience in the classroom, OT Foods donates time, money, and product to hunger relief organizations in communities where our products are sold.

To date, we've contributed thousands of pounds of food to those in need.