Collection: 2024 Subscription

Hello, family & friends! 

Here are the 3 tier offerings for our family & friends.  

Tier 1: $250

  • 3 bags of granola¬†a month in 2024

Tier 2: $500

  • 6 bags of granola¬†a month in¬†2024

Tier 3: $1,000

  • 6 bags of granola¬†a month in¬†2024
  • Entered for a chance to bake your own flavor of granola with¬†our team!
  • New OT¬†Foods swag!¬†

You may of course gift your granola to a loved one and/or donate it to a food pantry if you so choose. Another incredible way to support us is by talking about our granola to your friends, co-workers, etc. and following us on Instagram (@ot.foods). We appreciate any and all of it! 


What are the delicious OT flavors?

Can I mix & match flavors?

Of course! After you purchase a subscription, we'll reach out with a Google form to ask the flavors you want and your shipping information. You can also change things up anytime. Just reach out to us and we'll be happy to accommodate you. 

Where will my subscription contributions go? 

Great question! A few important places such as a new co-packer allowing us to make granola at any given time. Co-packers typically have very high minimum order quantity  (MOQs) so having more cash up front gives us more flexibility. 

Your subscription contribution will also go towards our new and very exciting re-brand of OT in early 2024. There are so many exciting milestones to come and we appreciate your support! 

I still have more questions. Who can I talk to?

    You can reach out to Sarah at Thank you again for your support - it means a lot to us! John recently wrote about why he founded the company and I suggest reading it to learn more about the company.